Siblo and Whalen take yet another jaunt through the superhero franchise tentpoles as they punch their Rad Ticket to Marvel’s new blockbuster Deadpool 2 (3:41), before enjoying some more refined fare with Jordan Reisman’s maternal character study Tully (21:10). Your Carpeteers then continue their month-long look at late-career John Waters, discussing his cult favorite horror comedy Serial Mom (35:50).

The Carpet was split on Deadpool 2: where do you stand on the newest potty-mouthed Marvel? Did you make it out to the underseen Tully? Where does Serial Mom stack up for you in the weird and wild Waters canon? Unfurl your takes on Twitter (@theradcarpet) or via email (, give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to throw us a rating and review in iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you do your podcatching.

Sit tight for our next episode: we’ll react to Solo: A Star Wars Story and wrap Waters with a review of 2000’s Cecil B. Demented and a chat on his late work at large in Wall to Wall Carpet. Stay rad!


Siblo and Whalen celebrate one full year of the Rad Carpet by returning to sunny, filthy Baltimore to watch and discuss select films from John Waters’ late-career ascent to the mainstream, beginning with 1988’s sock-hopping underdog breakout Hairspray (33:10), and continuing to his only film for a major studio, 1991’s Depp-starring rocka-hillbilly riff Cry-Baby (56:45). But first, your Carpeteers welcome CJ5000 on for the Hole in the Carpet segment, where CJ reports back after watching for the first time ever the 1978 American musical institution that is Grease (4:15).

We’d love to hear your takes on this three-spot of throwback high school rockers: twist on over to the world wide web to kick us your takes, whether it be on Twitter (@theradcarpet) or via e-mail (, and do be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

We’ll have more Waters coming down the pipe next time as we cover his 1994 bomb-turned-cult fave Serial Mom and his 2000 misfit kidnapping oddity Cecil B. Demented. Stay tuned–and stay rad!!!


Siblo and Whalen run the proverbial gauntlet, reporting back from their respective screenings of Marvel’s ambitious new Avengers: Infinity War (3:10). Then your Carpeteers put a bow on Sophia Coppola month by spinning the recent Criterion release of her debut film The Virgin Suicides (37:40) and wrapping Coppola month with a discussion of the director’s work as a whole in Wall to Wall Carpet (1:05:00).

The fellas were split on Marvel’s new blockbuster–where do you stand? How did the near-20-year-old Virgin Suicides age for you? Which of these Coppola films was your favorite? Give us the proverbial skinny via, on Twitter (@theradcapet), on Facebook, and on Instagram. And don’t forget to help us out with a five-star rating on iTunes, Sticher, or wherever else you do your podcatching.

Throw a tarp on the month of May, cause things are going to get a little filthy: we celebrate a full year with the Carpet calendar by returning to the work of John Waters, this time keying in on his Hollywood period, beginning with 1988’s Hairspray and 1990’s Cry-Baby. Stay tuned–and stay rad!!!  


The Carpet is heading to Toyko… and to the Hollywood Hills… oh, and to 18th century France. Yes indeed, the fellas are globe-hopping with Sophia Coppola, as CJ5000 logs in to help Carpet Clean her breakout hit Lost In Translation (4:00), and then Siblo and Whalen unfurl takes on two of her more divisive films, Marie Antoinette (41:30) and The Bling Ring (1:11:40).

Does Lost In Translation endure for you as a 21st century classic? Are you hot or cold on Marie Antoinette and The Bling Ring? Roll your takes our way via, on Twitter (@theradcapet), on Facebook, and on Instagram. And don’t forget to help us out with a five-star rating wherever you catch your pods.

We’ll wrap our Coppola month next time in our grande finale, where we’ll spin the new Virgin Suicides Blu ray from Criterion and review the director’s work as a whole in Wall to Wall Carpet. Stay tuned, and stay rad!


We can’t keep this one quiet: the new Rad Carpet is live and loud!

After digging into some listener feedback in Carpetspondence (3:50), Whalen and Siblo tear their Rad Ticket by unfurling takes on the hit John Krasinski horror film A Quiet Place, Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, with some quick thoughts from Siblo on Aaron Katz’s Gemini and the teen sex comedy Blockers (12:20). For the main event, the fellas begin their month long Sophia Coppola curriculum, starting with 2017’s The Beguiled (32:20) and 2010’s Somewhere (50:00).

Do you out there in Carpetland believe the hype on A Quiet Place? Where you as taken as we were with Isle of Dogs? How did you react to the simmering Beguiled and the gentle, experimental Somewhere? Unfurl your takes at, via Twitter (@theradcapet), on Facebook, and on Instagram. And don’t forget to throw your boys a five-star rating wherever you catch your pods.

There’s much more Coppola in the offiing next time: we’re set to Carpet Clean the director’s breakout Lost in Translation, as well as 2013’s Bling Ring and 2006’s Marie Antoinette. Stay tuned and stay rad!!


We’ve reached the final level of our Sci Fi Spielberg month: it’s time to talk Ready Player One!

Siblo and Whalen were somewhat split on Spielberg’s new CG-intensive gamer adventure yarn, so there’s plenty to unpack here, from its referential design to its alleged anti-corporate ethos to its thorny gender politics to its wild action set pieces (3:45). And once your Carpeteers emerge from their RPO deep dive, they go right back under for a big picture look at Spielberg’s sci fi work at large in their Wall to Wall Carpet segment. What is Spielberg’s legacy as a sci fi director? Has Spielberg successfully adapted across his four decades of sci fi work or does he simply skate by on his early success? An oasis of takes awaits–hit play and get rad!

Ready Player One appears to be a somewhat divisive film with critics and audience, as does Spielberg as a whole–where do you stand? Slide your takes on over at, via Twitter (@theradcapet), on Facebook, and on Instagram. And don’t forget to throw your boys a five-star rating wherever you catch your pods.

We’ll be unfurling in some slightly more rarified air next month as we anticipate the Criterion release of The Virgin Suicides with an early spring dance with the films of Sophia Coppola. Cue up The Beguiled and Somewhere for our next episode. And while you’re at it–stay very rad!   


Many a long finger is aglow in Carpetland as Siblo and Whalen continue their immersion in everything Sci Fi Spielberg!

Your Carpeteers get things going with a quick chat on some recent new theatrical new releases, including Unsane, The Death of Stalin, and Thoroughbreds (2:50). Then in Carpet Cleaning, the fellas revisit Spielberg’s iconic 80s smash E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, with the help of Ryan Williams from the Fringe Drinking podcast (20:50). And finally, they return to the Carpet curriculum to discuss the extremely expensive, unfairly maligned 2005 alien actioner War of the Worlds (53:00).

Are you a child of the 80s who has recently revisited E.T. as an adult? How did it hold up for you? Are you, like Siblo and Whalen, a War of the Words truther? What new theaterical releases have you enthused? Unfurl your takes on these questions or on anything at all film related at, on Twitter (@theradcarpet), on our Facebook page, or on Instagram. We do love hearing from you, and there’s a better than decent chance that we can work in what you have to say on the air!

This weekend marks the premier of Spielberg’s new film, Ready Player One. We’ll be punching our tickets, with a new episode coming hot at your podcatcher early next week. Stay tuned–and stay very rad!

Check out more from Ryan Williams on the Fringe Drinking podcast here.